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The SBIR program was initiated in 1982 and has four purposes: (1) to use small businesses to meet federal R&D needs, (2) to stimulate technological innovation, (3) to increase commercialization of innovations derived from federal R&D efforts, and (4) to encourage participation in technological innovation by small businesses owned by disadvantaged individuals and women. The purpose of the STTR program—initiated in 1992—is to stimulate a partnership of ideas and technologies between innovative small businesses and research institutions through federally funded R&D.  The programs are currently authorized through fiscal year 2022.

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Program Reports

Other Annual and Periodic Reports Required By Law:

SBIR and STTR Program Results for Fiscal Years 2009–2011

These downloadable spreadsheets contain total SBIR and STTR Awards, Commercialization and Socioeconomic results by State and by Component for Fiscal Years 2009-2011.

Annual Report Data:

Commercialization Data:

Socioeconomic Data



Impact Studies

National Economic Impacts from the Air Force and Navy SBIR/STTR Programs, 2000-2013
A a follow-up to the Air Force and Navy Economic Impact Studies of the SBIR/STTR Programs, this paper examines and comapres those studies to draw conclusions from their similarities and differences

Estimating Future Outcomes from Innovation Programs: the Air Force and Navy SBIR/STTR programs
An analysis of the Navy and Air Force Economic Impact studies that shows that those two studies likely underestimated the impact of SBIR/STTR on the economy

Impacts of the SBIR/STTR Programs: Summary and Analysis
An overview of the economic impacts of the SBIR/STTR Program accross all agencies over the life of the programs

Declining Phase I Awards at 5 Major SBIR Agencies
This paper by Dr. Robin Gaster studies how the impact of business cycles, shifting budgets, and agency strategy explains reduction in application patterns at the five major SBIR agencies

DOD Memo on Streamlining Innovative Technology Awards
In January 2018 the Under Secretary for Defense Pricing and Procurement (DPAP) issued this memo announcing a pilot program that would exempt competitive small business awards (including SBIR/STTR) from certified cost or pricing data requirements, as well as audits or records negotiations.  The pilot program is set to expire on October 1, 2020.